Service Closure Announcement

Thank you for using BITFRONT service. BITFRONT is no longer available. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support. If you had any assets left on BITFRONT, please read the following information.

Claims Information

We would like to inform you that any assets remaining unclaimed in your BITFRONT account have been escheated with the state governments listed below.
If you are a customer residing outside the United States, you must file your asset claims with the Delaware State Government. On the other hand, if you are a customer residing in the United States, you must file your asset claims with the state government in which you were registered as your residence at the time of using our service.

State government websites

The above link includes links to unclaimed property related to all state governments. Below are the websites of each state government (links below).
You can refer to the instructions on "how to claim (unclaimed) property" on the websites and proceed with your claim. (The expression may vary slightly depending on the website.)
For any other inquiries, please contact the state government directly.
Please note that BITFRONT is no longer able to respond due to the closure of the service.
Thank you.